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Weekend w. the Restless II

Busy weekends are filled with fun and excitement, love and joy, but most importantly, tired eyes on Monday for sure! This weekend was no exception. After the long weekdays come to an end, there is nothing more I want to do then lay back in my boyfriends bed, warm and  cuddled up, stuffing my face with gluten free pizza from my favorite pizza place, binge watching Netflix (currently binge’ing OITNB because… who isn’t), until the inevitable time when I fall asleep before midnight and always before my boyfriend. This weekend instead, we had Friday plans.


Christopher, my boyfriend, and his best friend who I force to read my blogs  (Hello Amber) wanted to see their favorite childhood band play. I know what you’re thinking… and no, it is not the Doddle-bops, though I wish it was… We went to see Taking Back Sunday play at the PNC Arts Center after work. Needless to say, I was EXHAUSTED (and cold but that came after the sun went down). Even though I don’t necessarily listen to the band, the concert was really good and I loved people watching.


Funny story time: We were sitting on the lawn, half way through the show and all of a sudden these three girls storm up to a couple that was sitting next to us. At first they caught my eye because they were three blonde bimbos and then I realized they were cursing so obviously I needed to ease drop. Suddenly, they start screaming, ” DID YOU REALLY F*CKING STEAL THIS?! YOU STOLE THIS BLANKET! YOU STOLE OUR BLANKET!”. The guy, who was this skinny little hippy man, started trying to talk them out of yelling… didn’t work. These girls ripped the blanket out from underneath them and stormed away. We come to find out that the guy saw the blanket “alone for 15 minutes” and then decided to take it, walk away from the spot where it originally was and use it with his girlfriend… sketchy. So, for me, that was better than the concert because watching someone getting yelled at for acting like an idiot is a pretty good time, ha!


My family is very odd. I know everyone thinks of family as a bunch of weirdos, but I am 100% spot on with my accusation. Rewind to two weeks ago. I texted both of my parents saying that on the day before Father’s Day I will be taking my little sister to Six Flags so that they can plan a nice date, just the two of them. Instead of doing so, my parents did not plan anything and decided that they wanted to go to a family party instead. The thing that baffles me is that even if there was no family party on that day, my parents would have never planned a date. They aren’t really people who like going out. Their type of “date” is taking my little sister to her basketball games, and then rushing to her soccer games, then rushing back to a basketball game and then out to dinner to eat. Thats what they do. That is who they are.

Anyway, on Saturday, I stuck with my plan and went to Six Flags with Angelina and Christopher. I actually really wanted to go on the new Joker ride that opened after Memorial Day this year. As soon as we got to Six Flags we were about to wait on line but then we realized how short every other line would be since everyone was waiting for The Joker. So, off to Nitro! the jokerjpg.jpg

The day was really nice and it was extremely hot so there was sweat drippin errrrr where (everrrrrywhere.) So, we decided to cool off by going on the Log Flume. I used to love the Log Flume and hadn’t realized how old this ride was until we got stuck on it…. That’s right ladies & gents, we got stuck RIGHT BEFORE THE GOOD DROP! Here we are, all hot and bothered, excited that we are getting close to the sudden drop that will cool us off for the rest of the rides and “BAM!” our log hits the log in front of us… then “POW” the log in back of us hit our log! So we waited… and waited… and waited…. until official teenage workers came to escort us out of our log and off of the ride because something was wrong. It was exciting until I realized that I was still hot and bothered.

Being a gluten free goon, I rarely have the option of anything delicious while going to a theme park other than pop corn or a bag of chips. EVERYTHING has gluten.


So, I was super enthused when I saw this little cute sign saying GLUTEN- FREE! They had Gfree Mac & Cheese, Chicken Nuggets, Cookies, mmmmmmm. This is my happy place. I got a salad, because it seemed logical at the time though I really am pissed off at myself for not eating Mac & Cheese and my little sister got her favorite Six Flags snack…. a Corn Dog (super weird, I know.)


My Sunday will be a separate section since it was Father’s Day. My dad deserves his own post, for sure.


Restless Profesh 

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Weekends with the Restless

Sometimes (around 8pm on a Sunday night) the feeling of depression gets stimulated in my mind. As you lay on the couch, turn on Apple TV and watch reruns of The Real World on Hulu (yes, that is my current late night drama), the saddened feeling of the weekend ending really starts to sink in. “I. Have. To. Wake. Up. At. 5.a.m. Tomorrow”, I think while the roommates fight about who hooked up with who at the club last night #draaaamaaaaa. There are a lot of curses I would typically say in my head, but we’ll try to keep it PG.

This weekend, things were different. Instead of having the ever so prominent feeling of despair, I actually had a feeling of rejuvenation. You see lately, I’ve been really restless. The feeling of not doing enough started to become a problem after my Graduate school graduation and nothing I would do (or think to do) would help me shake the feeling. This weekend, as for all of my normal weekends was completely full with fun activities, but ones that so completely relaxed me that I feel ready to take on another long week at the office! If you have the same restless feelings, here are a couple of places you can go to relieve some of the inner stress that is currently weighing you down.

p.s- anything underlined has a link embedded for the specific location. Enjoy!

Weekend Stress Reducers for the Restless

Maggiano’s Little Italy

This place is the s^it. Whoops, I promised to keep it PG- sorry Mom. Okay, Maggiano’s is a perfect place to go on a date night. If you want to impress a date, call in advance, make a reservation, and be prepared to completely enjoy your night. I actually have a food allergy to gluten (IT SUCKS AND I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT, OKAY?!–just kidding, immaaaa blog about it later) and Maggiano’s is my absolute favorite date night restaurant because I can eat a boatload of Gfree pasta with no cares (or hives) in the world! This restaurant offers a “buy one, get one” deal of its delicious classic pastas for only $14 per person. It really is a pasta- lovers steal. Also, drinks are strong and wait staff friendly!  The link below will bring you to the menu, snoop around for yourself- it is worth it!

See if you like the menu & if there is a Maggiano’s near you (this is an unpaid suggestions– I should get paid for this, damn that’s a good idea.)

Maggiano’s Menu                                 Maggiano’s Locations


Camping @ Camp Carr 

I never thought I would be an outdoorsy person. I was raised going to Florida every summer to relax in the hot weather and cool down by the pool. It wasn’t until Sophomore year of college that I tried hiking and fell in love with the serenity and the euphoria that it brought me. So, my boyfriends best friend wanted to go on a camping trip for a weekend and of course I was all about the idea. Now, camping is something that is relatively new to me. I don’t have a mass amount of experience since I kind of just picked this hobby up on my own (with the help of my absolute bestie Dev and her mom). The camp ground was open and very calm. It was located perfectly next to a lake/river for Kayaking and Canoeing/ getting hot and going in the lake.

Hiking @ Camp Carr

Down the road and over a little bridge was a short, yet calm hiking spot. It was less than a mile but very relaxing and easy to carry a beer on the light stroll.  My boyfriend and I, on the other hand, held onto my boyfriends cute little pup Melody instead. There was a point of the trip that the group had to stop, sit on a bridge half way through the hike and breathe in the fresh air.


Melody aka “Princess Monster Truck” 

I would highly recommend camping to relieve some restless energy, however the soil was extremely rocky at this campground so make sure you do your research before so you don’t have a restless night!

Kayaking @ Griggstown Canoe & Kayak Rental 


Kayaking @ Griggstown Canoe & Kayak Rental 

As every restless person typically does, I started thinking about different ways I could help my energy by spending a lot of money. I hit the mall expecting to drop some serious cash in  VS’s Annual Sale, however, that still didn’t make me feel better. Taking some serious time to think about what could possibly make me less restless and more happy, I thought about canoeing. I absolutely love canoeing and have been wanting to rent a Kayak to try that as well. As I come up with this idea, my boyfriend and I decide that we want to buy a two-seater kayak because of course, spending a lot of money will help me feel less restless (JK to the 10th power.). Excitingly, we took a trip to EMS and got a big fat reality check when we saw the prices of the Kayaks and the price it would take to swoop up my Civic to fit a big ass Kayak on top of it (separately about $500 btw, so do your research first or buy a Subaru). So, instead of purchasing a Kayak, we brought life jackets and cool fisher hats #worthit.


As I knew I would be super disappointed if we didn’t make the purchase, we planned to rent single kayaks, which we only did for an hour and got a banging workout. I packed a nice Strongbow and enjoyed the view of my boyfriend rippin’ it on his Kayak and me sippin’ my Cider. It was a wonderful feeling. If you never have gone Kayaking or Canoeing- GO! START LIVIN’!

Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls 

As the day progressed, we got home, warmed up our second pasta dish from Maggianos, and ate the Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls my boyfriend made me from scratch in the morning.

Its safe to say, I had a wonderful weekend.


A little less- Restless Profesh