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Work, Work, Work, Work, Work.

“Through life’s difficulties is an opportunity for great expansion and wonderful growth. Trust you are on a path of understanding and this pain will soon make sense. “ (Find Your Happy).

Put in the work & watch yourself grow.

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You are in control of your life and the outcome. Yes, there is a balance of fate and freewill, but if you sit back and let life happen to you, you will miss opportunities for you to become what you desire. Instead of waiting on happiness or for things to fall into place, start to action out a plan for your life. Create a big picture goal and do at least one thing everyday your future self will hug you for.

This passage comes from the popular self-love book, “Find Your Happy”. This book has truly helped me gain perspective on everyday feelings that come along with self-doubt and stress. Sometimes, it is so hard to stay on track. Once I get home from 8 hours of working on numbers and spreadsheets, all I want to do is lay down, eat a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, while watching multiple episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. All I want to do is Netflix and Chill.

However, although every bone in my body wants to lay down and relax, I know that it would be more beneficial for me to change into my gym clothes and go to the Max (I will be posting about the Max soon. If you are looking for motivation to get to the gym google The Max Challenge and see if there are any near you!).

Now, once I get home from the gym I still want to lay down, with a bowl of ice cream, watching McSteamy and McDreamy on my TV, HOWEVER, that isn’t the most beneficial thing I can do for my future self. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t always stick to what I should do, but this book definitely keeps me on track.

With happiness,

Restless Profesh.



Showing your soft side is a beautiful experience. You don’t need to hide your real emotions from those you love. When you go inward and trust yourself, you will see how important your emotions are. Showing the real you takes courage, and that is real vulnerability. (Find Your Happy, Shannon Kaiser)