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Christopher John Long

AKA: “Chris”, “Boyfriend”, ” Boob”, “Babe”

Christopher came into my life unexpectedly and now I can not picture life without him by my side. It is really difficult to let down my walls and be mushy because I typically am a solid bull, so lets see how this post goes.

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Amanda the Bull, told ya.

We met through my older sister when she invited her friends over to our house on a Saturday night right before Father’s Day in 2015. Christopher was already drunk by the time he came to my house (bravo, buddy). My first thoughts were “God damn this guy is tall” & “Wow, this guy talks a lot”, but some how after that night I thought about the 6’4 goof that came over for the next couple of weeks.

After hanging out in a group setting a couple of times and having my best friend meet him (for good measure), I asked my sister to give him my number but to sneak it in his pocket so it wouldn’t be weird (like sneaking it in his pocket wouldn’t be weird or something…… ). The rest is self explanatory #tequila.


I have never loved someone the way I love Christopher. It is not something I easily say, especially when the first time I told him I loved him I said “I sort of think I love you”, but I can confidently say that I love this kid.

Although he has only been in my life for a year, he stuck through the most difficult, stressful, and depressing time of my life and offered me so much comfort that I could never fully thank him for. Our relationship isn’t perfect, because perfect is SO boring- but I am learning how to love and it’s workin out so far lmfao.

I appreciate him all day, errr’ day and hope he knows how much I care even though I don’t necessarily tell him all the time and I yell at him when he is too mushy. #ITSMYDEFENSEMECHANISM

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Here’s to you Chris, enjoy the only mush you will get for at least another 6 months.


Restless Profesh

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Devan Kendall Mabey

AKA: “Dev”, “Lint- Licker”, “Kid”, “D. Kenz”, “Weirdo” 

There is one thing that anyone who knows me, knows. I have a best friend/ female soul mate that I don’t know what I would do without. When I was in elementary school I always wished for a friend like Shawn from Boy Meets World. Corey always knew that Shawn would always be there for him. Whether it was to hang out, get into trouble with, or go through life’s challenges, the one constant person in Corey’s life was Shawn. Fast- forward to 9th grade when I first met my Shawn. So full disclosure, I was an extremely ADHD teenager. No filter, no cares, extremely impulsive, and very loud. To paint you a little picture, I won three senior superlatives: “Loudest”, “Teachers Torment” , and “Class Clown”… I was that kid.

So, anyways- I have a terrible memory, but I do remember sitting in front of Dev in my freshman year religion class. Now, I have different views than typical Roman Catholic opinions and even as a teenager I was very vocal about some of the views that the school was built upon. In other words, this was the class where my jokes were top- notch. What better way to grow a friendship? It wasn’t until 10th grade that Dev and I started getting close. We both played softball and were super weird. She was awkward AF (& still is) and I thought it was the funniest thing (& still do). During the summer, I invited Dev to my family’s Wildwood vacation and thats where the foundation spread like a young woman’s contoured face.

High School 2008-2011

College 2011-2015



Internship Good-byes & Hellos

Family Vacations

I have been best friends with Dev for nine years. We should probably celebrate an anniversary. I love my best friend, and I can’t wait to travel through life with her by my side.


Restless Profesh