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Mandi Savers

A big ‘what up’ to the few but mighty people that read this. My mind has been pulling me in a few different directions the past few months. From teaching myself how to bullet journal to waking up everyday at 5:30a (minus a few drunken weekends- remember peepz, progress; not perfection); I have been committed to my self-improvement and overall happiness. Disclaimer: it has NOT been an easy journey, but everything needed to happen to get me to this moment, this time, & feeling this way.

Lets dive right fuckin’ in; BULLET JOURNALING has stolen my soul. I now dream about different ways to decorate a fricken planner. Contrary to how utterly lame it may sound, it is actually a really good way to organize thoughts, let out some creativity, innovate new designs each week, & doodle when you’re in a boring work meeting (*cue laughter*)… it’s the best for someone with a naturally cluttered mind! I’m going to try to post more about my bullet journal journey (tongue twister), just in case I become a CEO of a bullet journal company in the future… forreal doe. The picture below shows one of my favorite pages!!


Along with working on the bullet journal, I have also been committed to waking up at 5:30a every day. Those that are not morning people must have already stopped reading and is now onto the second question of a Buzzfeed quiz, but hear me outtttttt! Waking up an hour earlier allows you to give yourself your full attention for an hour out of the entire day. Whether you are a corporate yuppie, a stay at home mom/dad, taking a t break on the hustle, or married with 5 kids running around, YOU need to make time for YOU in order to give your all to everyone that you love. This extra hour gives you the time to do that.

Commitment is how I began this journey (commitment & the wise wisdom of the always fabulous T.Mitchell). The commitment brings a quite empowering feeling that is indescribable. I needed to prove to myself that I could commit. I was sick of feeling the negative vibes and needed to pull myself together before I tore myself apart. So, this was something I was openly willing to try & hey! I get to hang out with me for an extra hour a day, that’s pretty dope! In the beginning, I followed the Miracle Morning SAVERS: silence (meditation <3) , affirmations (“YOU CAN DO IT!”), visualization, exercise (ugh, this one did not last), reading (reading daily mantras from Find Your Happy), and scribing (journaling). After the second/third week I started customizing the Miracle Morning SAVERS into the Mandi Savers because in this practice, it is okay to reinvent the wheel. It has been ~60 days since I started waking up early every morning & I really do believe that it has dramatically altered my perspective and headspace.

Well, its past my bedtime & I have to wake up early 🙂 Hope everyone stays positive & sassy.



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Work, Work, Work, Work, Work.

“Through life’s difficulties is an opportunity for great expansion and wonderful growth. Trust you are on a path of understanding and this pain will soon make sense. “ (Find Your Happy).

Put in the work & watch yourself grow.

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Clarity: the quality of being clear.

It’s the weirdest feeling. All of the sudden, boom… you’re hit with the waves of emotions you have been neglecting for the past few weeks. There you sit, 3 used snotty tissues in one hand & Tito’s vodka bottle in the other, reflecting on your past moments, decisions, choices, and ignorances.

There has to come a point where you become stronger than your typical response. A point where you realize that life goes on — it has ups and downs, for fucking sure, but you’ll always have gravity to bring you back to reality.


Once you gain clarity, the Universe, God, Allah, whatever higher being you believe in, unlocks all new levels of happiness. The hardest part is unlocking the happy. I have been working on unlocking my happiness for a few weeks and this week, I gained clarity.

Join this journey with me as I soul search and shit talk life. It’s gonna be fun!


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I Stopped.

I stopped working on myself. For a good year I stopped working on myself. I had a lot of ups and downs, intense times of happiness and extreme times of sorrow. You know how it is for us 20-somethings.

Once you stop working on yourself and your own personal growth, there comes a point where you no longer even think about it. Mental wellbeing? Pssh, pass the J.

It is difficult to change when you don’t see the changes that you need to make. When you’re totally blinded by the current state of emotions, vibes, outcomes, or situations, you lose sight on what is most important… you. 

I am sure that if I would have committed to working on myself and really focused on my own self growth a year ago, my life would be completely different than it is today.

However, that is the beauty of life. Everyday we are tested by the universe to see how we would react with different people in different situations. The real trick is becoming mindful enough to see your flaws… / “area of improvements” (PC) and changing your typical reaction. Anything is possible when you are committed to change.

If you are struggling with happiness and keep blaming it on unrelated circumstances, find some introspection from within and unlock the real reason you are unhappy. You are the only one that can make that change.

Keep on keeping on everybody, let’s be in it to win in. 

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Dear Ex – Boyfriend,

I really am so sorry for everything that I have done to self destruct this relationship. It’s so hard to tell you how I exactly feel because I am not feeling anything right now. You are such a kind and caring man. You have so much love in your heart and I don’t know if I would ever find someone who loves me as much as you do.

During the beginning of our relationship I was so focused on trying to fix you. Trying to help get your life together so I can make room for an “us”. However, throughout that time, I really lost the person I was. I became controlling and paranoid, I questioned every time you said anything & I hated the person that I was turned into. That change of character was no ones fault other than my own. I was not able to handle what I thought I could.

Once we “fixed” you, I started realizing that it was becoming extremely difficult to stop being the paranoid, crazy woman that I turned into. I slowly became conscious of the fact that now, we might have to fix me. I just didn’t / don’t know how to fix myself with you still in the equation. This has been the most difficult part to comprehend.

You must not understand why I left since it was such a minor miscommunication issue, but it symbolized more to me than the issue we were faced with. I was tired of not being able to talk to communicate effectively towards you. I was tired of feeling worried about discussing minor issues that I knew you would not like. I feel like I am causing more damage than good at this point and you deserve differently.

You deserve a woman that can give you the love and affection you deserve. You deserve a woman who focuses on you more than herself. You deserve a woman who can talk you up when you are feeling down. At this moment in my life, I am not that woman.

I personally have a lot of changes that need to be made. I need to learn how to communicate effectively. I need to learn how to let go of events that have happened in the past. I need to learn how to focus on the present and stop worrying about the future. I need to learn how to love from the inside out, instead of from the outside in.

I have a lot of things that I have to thank you for. You have shown me how it feels to experience love. You have shown me how it feels to experience life. You have been there for me throughout all of the highs and lows; and you have been such a good partner. It is my own fault for this break up. You may have added fire to the flames, but I was the one who let it burn… if that even makes sense.

It really does pain me to let you go. I have made myself literally speechless.  I just have a feeling that this is for the best at this point of my life. Although my heart has so much love for you, I have to listen to my gut.

I am sorry I disappointed & hurt you. I disappointed & hurt myself too.




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“Where have I been playing it safe?”

Self- reflection is key towards having any type of positive change in life. Change is easier to comprehend and implement if you are aware of your faults, strengths, quirks, and comfort zones.

A passage from “Find Your Happy” states that “new opportunities are on their way to you. They will come much faster when you give yourself permission to step outside of the comfort zone”. 

This really speaks to me at this point of my life. I am moving out of my parents house and renting an apartment on my own. I realized recently that my childhood house is my comfort zone in a way. When I lived there I didn’t have to budget my money. I didn’t have to focus on saving for my future by creating a plan. I had limited bills and responsibilities and worked to have funds to spend freely. However, I never wanted to get to a point in life that I have to rely on others to live. This is where I have played it relatively safe.

I’m definitely not implying that I have played it safe for no reason. I completed my Masters, saved up enough money to actually feel comfortable with moving out, and have a pretty good career. I played strategically safe.

My main issue is that I don’t want to take the easy way out (even though my parents want me to). I have never had to struggle as much as they did growing up. My father was living on his own without parents at such a young age. My mother was in a women’s shelter for a short period of time because of the struggles her mother had faced. I, on the other hand, have always had a comfortable, beautiful home, air conditioner in the hot summers and heat in the super cold winters. I would never want to go through what my parents went through however, I think growing and figuring your way out is the only way to deal with the stress life shoves in your mouth.

If I am going to learn how to budget effectively, pay all of my bills on time, decide that getting a Starbucks may not be the smartest financial decision at this point, and be able to say I got this … this move, out of my comfort zone, will be completely worth the rent.

Releasing the Comfort,

Restless Profesh