About the Restless

Grad PictureWhy, hello there! I know you want to dive right into my opinions and disgruntled views about the world we live in today, but first here are a couple of facts about me.

I work as a corporate event planner for Board and Executive meetings. I knew absolutely nothing about corporate event planning before I was offered the job (ha) & I’m still trying to figure out if I like it or not. As you can tell, I am restless. The restlessness was really brought on by graduating from Graduate school this May (congrats, yeh, thanks). To be completely honest (which as you keep reading my blog you will see I am sometimes too brutally honest), I’m not the type of person who knows how to “chill”. Don’t get me wrong, I love to have a good time… but everything has to be planned and logged in my monthly planner because I am a crazy Type A b^tch.

I have a loving boyfriend who is probably the only one who will read this weekly (Hi Christopher) and the goofiest best friend who gets me through the daily trial and tribulations of trying to “adult”.

Other than that, I am just a normal 23 year old that is just trying to figure out the next step, extremely restlessly,  but also very optimistic (sometimes- unless Trump is on his racist rampage again). Come back & read more! Otherwise I am just writing to myself and might start feeling like a creepy blogger.


Restless Profesh