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“Where have I been playing it safe?”

Self- reflection is key towards having any type of positive change in life. Change is easier to comprehend and implement if you are aware of your faults, strengths, quirks, and comfort zones.

A passage from “Find Your Happy” states that “new opportunities are on their way to you. They will come much faster when you give yourself permission to step outside of the comfort zone”. 

This really speaks to me at this point of my life. I am moving out of my parents house and renting an apartment on my own. I realized recently that my childhood house is my comfort zone in a way. When I lived there I didn’t have to budget my money. I didn’t have to focus on saving for my future by creating a plan. I had limited bills and responsibilities and worked to have funds to spend freely. However, I never wanted to get to a point in life that I have to rely on others to live. This is where I have played it relatively safe.

I’m definitely not implying that I have played it safe for no reason. I completed my Masters, saved up enough money to actually feel comfortable with moving out, and have a pretty good career. I played strategically safe.

My main issue is that I don’t want to take the easy way out (even though my parents want me to). I have never had to struggle as much as they did growing up. My father was living on his own without parents at such a young age. My mother was in a women’s shelter for a short period of time because of the struggles her mother had faced. I, on the other hand, have always had a comfortable, beautiful home, air conditioner in the hot summers and heat in the super cold winters. I would never want to go through what my parents went through however, I think growing and figuring your way out is the only way to deal with the stress life shoves in your mouth.

If I am going to learn how to budget effectively, pay all of my bills on time, decide that getting a Starbucks may not be the smartest financial decision at this point, and be able to say I got this … this move, out of my comfort zone, will be completely worth the rent.

Releasing the Comfort,

Restless Profesh