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So, We Meet Again.

Professional Front

Just when I thought life was moving too slowly, I was scooped up and thrown across the next chapter of my personal timeline. I quit the Port Authority in late November 2016. I was doing well there. Found my friends, started getting really efficient and quick at my job, and really didn’t have to do too much. I just couldn’t see myself staying in a position that had no room for advancement. What do you do after being a Board Meeting Specialist? During the downtime at my previous job, I applied for the job I have and love now.

Currently, I am a Compensation Analyst for a major health care system. I now come up with recommendations of pay structures, employee pay rates, and incentive plans around the organization. It’s a job that actually appreciates my analytical skills and is actually making me a better professional.

Personal Front

Life at 24 years old is hard. Personally, it comes with a lot of anxiety that is hard to deal with on your own. I was never one to have a lot of anxiety when I was younger. I would think about the stress and stuff it alllllllllllllll the way down, deep inside my mind and not confront the feels. It worked… until it didn’t. There comes a point of your life where you have to decide. Are you going to be the person you are now for the rest of your life or are you going to strive to be the best you that you can be? In my mind, I reached the point of not knowing the person I was turning into. I was going on day by day, not having much fun. Not feeling like my happy and goofy self– just feeling numb.

I had to make a life choice that forced me to feel again. It was my wakeup call of what I really wanted and need in my life. This was my fork in the road. Did I want to be the person that I was turning into? Or, did I want to lift myself up and be supportive of the person I want to become.

Now, I am trying to work towards being the person I want to be. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep on top of this blog and keep everyone updated on my quest in finding my happy. 

With happiness,

Restless Profesh.


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