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Hello my fellow bloggers, social media stalkers, and friends just checkin’ in! I apologize for the inconsistency within the past two weeks but the type of job I have is comparable to the new Joker ride in Six Flags Great Adventure.

Oh, if you don’t know what type of ride that is let me tell ya–  it’s this crazy ass 4-D spin roller coaster that flips riders upside down six times for a duration of 50 seconds. This basically sums up my job… Throughout each month I have one week that it is completely calm and there is less than steady work throughout the day. I like these days only because I get out of work on time. Unlike the weeks, roughly two per month, where my world is thrown off course and I am flipped around on a real 4-D roller coaster filled with Executives, deadlines, late nights and early mornings.

The Joker coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure opened
Example of my “hell” weeks.

Of course, I am not complaining. I get a paycheck bi-weekly that allows me to pay for my car, go on vacation, purchase monthly massages, and go to my favorite (very expensive) gym.


So I’m happy that I am employed, don’t get me wrong, but I wish I was just doing more. The restless energy has settled in since I am back on the ground from the roller coaster of work for this week. However, I have been doing so much to try and subside the feeling of not doing enough. Since my last blog I have signed up to be the Captain of a Co-Ed Softball team named, This is Livin’ (we lost 20-4 our first game… there’s only going up from here! #positivevibes). I’ve signed up for monthly massages from Massage Envy to relieve some of the monthly hell week stressors. I’ve signed back up for The Max Challenge, which I will post about relatively soon. And lastly, I leased a new car! My new baby Remy (2016 Rav-4) which I love.

So, a lot has been going on in my life. I’d love to hear about yours, is there anything that you are changing or want to change in the upcoming month to improve your overall happiness?  Comment or not, the choice is yours.


Restless Profesh


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